Canada's March Towards Rightwing Fascism

How the Conservative Party (with the help of "Liberals") finally achieved what it was really voted in for.

Conservative Party
With the passing of a Police State legislation bill in parliament, the Federal Conservative government of Stephen Harper has, at last, made clear how they want Canada to be "ruled" in the 21st century:

A xenophobic warmongering right-wing lunacy in the footsteps of the 800-pound gorilla south of the border.

But then, to be fair, we should expect nothing less from a proud recipient of The Richard Nixon Award anyway, eh?

There goes the illusion of rule of law, liberty and freedom and the kind-hearted, justice-oriented persona of a Canada that I've aspired for, and cherished for most of my adult life (long before even ever setting foot in Canada!)

S-7, the Combatting Terrorism Act bill, passed in much jubilation by the majority (including the so-called Liberals) of out-of-touch superior-feeling nationalist members of Parliament, is boldly promising among other things:
  • Giving draconian powers to the police to arrest people and hold them for three days without any charges or crime having been committed!
  • Forcing people into sitting through a torture of so-called "investigative hearings" (where who-knows what tactics will be employed!) without any charges!
In essence, what it means is, that
  • Everyone in Canada will be considered Guilty Until Proven Innocent (NOT innocent until proven guilty), just because of an association of guilt!
  • Everyone in Canada is a suspect for anything, but some people will be treated MORE suspiciously than others because of how the Police decides!
  • Everyone in Canada can be arrested - even by mistake - without any restrictions or obligations on the law enforcement agencies' part!

Third-World Rule of the Jungle - Right Here in Canada!

Having lived in third world countries known for their oppressive and brutal laws that suppress freedom and liberty of their people, I am deeply distressed that a progressive, compassionate society like Canada is capable of doing it to its own citizens.

Letting the terrorists win, step-by-step, so easily

The idiotic, failed terrorists, ostensibly in response to who this bill was initially conceived, must be high-fiving themselves for bringing Canada down to the level of oppression that they see the world ruled under. The fanatic idiots on both sides are applying their primitive ideologies of inequality and wish to see the world run under those oppressive rules. Only the idiotic terrorists are failing, and our own fear-warmongering, self-righteous self-declared "enemies" of the terrorists - our nationalist right-wingers - are doing the job so successfully.

Meagre Opposition

The New Democratic Party is the only major party to have objections recorded and opposed to this anti-rights bill.

To my horror, even the Liberals bent over backwards and joined to approve the bill and are now paying customary lip service (though, to be fair, they're quite wing-clipped to have prevented it anyway). Justin Trudeau, the rockstar PM-to-be aspirant, should come out clean on this one or risk alienating the very constituents he's hoping to regain from the evil clutches of the Dark Side.

Even the lawyers object. The Canadian Bar Association called the law inconsistent with Canada's legal traditions.

Who's on Guard for Thee?

Justice must be on the side of those who need it the most, regardless of any association of guilt. People's rights and freedoms, in a proud and democratic Canadian society must be above every other consideration.

The Conservatives' fear-mongering and paranoia, I feel, is taking Canada on the path of losing its most cherished values of human, civil rights and rule-of law. Something we know it had prided itself on since its very founding, until recently.

O Canada, you must Command True Patriotism in ALL thy sons (and daughters) regardless of who they are!


Posted By Edar 'Skeptykull' Aihil April 25, 2013 .


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