Pancake with Maple Syrup for Canada's National Dish

Why a dish rightfully deserves the honour and is a fitting tribute to the multicultural reality that is Canada.

Pancakes and Canadian maple syrup
Food is the most subjective of ... er... subjects.

Mention favourites and you're bound to elicit suggestions that result in either sworn animosity or instant confessions of love.

That's exactly what happened when Globe and Mail asked what should be Canada's national dish. Commenter after commenter appeared out of the kitchen and listed their favourite mom's dish as a worthy federal contender.

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From yee-haw type westerners proclaiming stewed beaver tails to fanatic poutine lovers and what not, culinary jingoism ran riot.

As a self-confessed voice of sanity and composure -- ahem -- I took it upon myself to ponder and deliberate over this matter of great national urgency.

My credentials: I am an unrepentant carnivore and despite growing up with pretty strict traditional dietary preferences, have chosen to be a full food adventurist, and I eat everything, well almost. And of course, I shamelessly, unapologetically claim to represent the multi-cultural facet of a new Canada.

So, I think it qualifies me better than most new and old Canadians who are very likely to be religiously or culturally inclined towards shunning or embracing certain foods and which may then be crowned their new country's National Dish -- an unwelcome proposition for them.

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So, reading all the suggestions at the discussion, and after intensely careful consideration on my part, I must say I found Pancake with Maple Syrup to be the hands down winner.

The more you think about it, the more it makes sense, and the more you admire the universal appeal of this dish.

Pancakes are found in every culinary culture, in forms of crepes, poora, ban chian kuikh, mutabbakh, blintzes, pajeon, naan, pfannkuchen, dosa, palatschinken, pannekoek, pikelets, banh xeo -- you name it.

And Maple syrup is as Canadian as toothless and blind provincial healthcare without dental or optical coverage (sorry about the swipe: I'm a sufferer.)

Pancake with Maple Syrup transcends cultures, culinary restrictions, traditional constraints and deserves to be a true contender of being a proud Canadian acquisition. Show me someone (other than a diabetic, perhaps) who would not eat it.

Pancake with Maple Syrup is not just a breakfast dish anymore. But even if it were, there's nothing more refreshing and soul-warming than a hearty breakfast on a bright Canadian summer morning or a crisp cold Canadian winter.

So, dear readers... drumroll... and the winner (to me) is...

Pancake with Maple Syrup is Canada's National Dish. In my book.
Posted By Edar 'Skeptykull' Aihil September 01, 2012 .


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